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July 31

Excellent news from Optifreeze. Replacing Emotra shares (my small position) with new Optfreeze shares. Thus adding Emotra to the waiting game list.

July 30

Quick update: Currently, CESI is focused on Emotra, Ecorub and Neurovive. Medivir and Immunicum seem to be waiting games?

Mvh CESI / MedOrgChemist

April 18

Immunicum AB

Very impressed with tonight’s @Immunicum presentation and particularly with the subsequent mingle / informal Q&A. The leaderhip team lingered and the former Immunicum CEO Jamal also attended as a private investor = Very positive (!) Disclaimer: CESI = New share holder.

April 14


Next week I believe my ”new” holding (entry at 37 SEK) Medivir will break the 40 SEK resistance level. 1: An under valued company. 2: Revitalized pipeline with block buster potential. 3: Near future deal/new partnership announcement possible (see recent CEO conf call

Mars 8

Buying Medivir after CEO Christine Linds fantastic presentation…

Feb 8

Fantastic day for Anoto AB :

Jan 23 – Jan 25

Increased the Serstech AB holding as a consequence of the excellent new CEO and recently communicated orders

Jan 22 2017 23:36

CESI found a quite interesting newly published patent application from Polyone describing new aromatic polyimides suitable for use in the manufacture of aerospace parts using thermoplastic polymer articles via 3D printing.

Both “Nexam (USA)” and Evonik are mentioned herein. Nexam for the compound PEPA and Evonik for  the compound ODPA

(PEPA = Phenylethynylphtalic anhydride and ODPA = Oxydiphtalic anhydride)

Source link here

Not too long time ago, Nexam Chemical was also mentioned in yet another published patent application from Polyone. This application was listed in the previous blog post linked below (blue table):

Disclaimer: No fundamental value should be associated with any patent application as research projects can be cancelled or simply be defined as non-viable in terms of business potential.

To CESIs knowledge, Nexam Chemical has no US sales unit yet. Therefore, Nexam USA feels slightly weird here.

Jan 18 2017 21:17

CESI has (presumably temporary) sold Ivisys AB and increased the Dignitana AB holdingas a consequence of today´s sharp Dignitana pullback.. CESI has also increased the Nexam Chemical AB holding (while in “awaiting report mode” and expected news flow). CESI has issues determing position size in Anoto AB. Agree with the volatile market here: News are needed.

Jan 8-12 2017 22:12

CESI has bought 3 new exciting companies at (hopefully) “nice price” levels:

  • Dignitana AB BTA (3.33 SEK initial entry but added a 5 SEK position today due to the promising nature of the price action). Primary target at ~10 SEK (Jan 16 update: sold at ~5.50 due to fear of sharp pullback, then changed my mind and quickly re-entered)
  • Immunicum AB ( 7.18 SEK and 7.4 SEK). Planning for long term holding .
  • Ivisys AB (~ 4.7 SEK). Primary target at ~10 SEK.

(Note: Will also subscribe the Serstech AB share rights issue)

Jan 3 2017 21:55

Sold Hoylu AB (= nice win)

CESI secured Hoylu AB profit and primarily increased the Anoto AB holding. Despite two positive consecutive Anoto AB interim reports, the market’s verdict has been negative due to the great number of share rights issues. According to the recent report, there are a number of potential triggers ahead. Time will tell.

Dec 30 2017 20:44

CESI directly entered Hoylu AB when the directed share rights issue was announced.CESI has also increased the Anoto AB holding.

Dec 16 2017 21:56

CESI was shocked to learn that the Serstech AB rocket has returned to planet earth.

Serstech AB was early celebrated for its world class technology and strategy. During this era, CESI was not aware of the company´s existance.

Last year when the gigantic Asian order was press released, a friend bought shares during the Serstech AB rocket launch. CESI was informed about the company but did not have the courage to but shares at the +120 % intraday level, despite the press release of a gigantic order that in fact was larger than the Serstech market cap.

Now for the first time, CESI defined an excellent risk/reward as the planned for Jan 2018 share rights issue at 1.15 SEK surprisingly and suddenly almost match the current share price at 1.27 SEK. Two old shares allows for one new and the offer seems to be valid until Jan 9. Thus CESI will pay an average 1.23 SEK per share ((1.27+1.27+1.15)/3).

Serstech key events

So, CESI entered Serstech AB at the current price level (1.27 SEK) with the plan to fully join the share rights issue.Another less important trigger for this relatively early entry was the following: With great luck, an order from the Swedish Armed Forces could be announced as an investor bate during the share right issue subscribtion time slot. Obviously, for this jackpot scenario, great luck is needed 🙂

Primarily, CESI has browsed through all press releases from Serstech AB. Furthermore,  an old blog post was digested:

Disclaimer: In Swedish above and below

Dec 13 2017 22:13

Why did the Anoto AB stock crash after the CEO update that actually did not contain any substantial negative information? Now, the stock is back in the very low price region (initially de-valued by journalist Richard Bråse bear comments).

CESI pressed the buy button, despite the fact that CESI is not too found of the current political tension in the region.

Source link to the CEO comments that triggered today´s mini crash:

CESI´s take home message:

“Many ask where the ADNA sales are. I can tell you that we have made substantial progress since our official launch, both technically and in the market. What I cannot tell you is exactly when the various deals we are working on across the globe will finalize. I simply don’t know for certain. I would like to admit that I was wrong in terms of timing and I apologize for it. I overestimated the ability of large companies to make decisions. Large companies tend to do extended pilot studies before signing sales contracts and we are not in control of that timing. In addition, signing a contract with large companies takes months due to the involvement of various parties. Other than these timing issues, we are very pleased with ADNA overall and the level of global engagement we are enjoying.”

Dec 12 2017

Nexam Chemical AB – Insider purchase 10000 shares – CEO Anders Spetz

Dec 9 2017

Nexam Chemical AB – Insider purchase 20000 shares – Chairman of the Board Lennart Holm

A positive milestone event for the Nexam Chemical shareholders in comparison with the 2014 sale of Nexam shares from the founders. Finally sunshine ahead after years of rain?

Source link:

Dec 8 2017

#Nexam Chemical – Congrats all share holders. Finally, Nexam Chemical 2.0 has been defined!As a consequence, CESI has replaced Optifreeze and ASTG positions with new small batches of Nexam Chemical shares (CESI´s favorite company).  Furthermore, excellent Nexam news was announced today! 

Today´s press release:

Nov 30 2017 

#Optifreeze AB

CESI re-entered the old favorite company Optifreeze after a long separation

CESI was a shareholder a long time ago at the 13-15 SEK level stock price level followed by a subsequent premature exit during the company´s golden period as a consequence of prioritizing catching falling daggers (increasing the holdings in less successfull companies at the time).

Disclaimer: Currently a small holding.

Primarily, CESI is awaiting Nexam Chemical success

Dec 16 update: CESI did regret the Optifreeze purchase, sold and now awaits/bets on a deeper pullback.

Nov 28 2017

#Nexam Chemical AB

CESI comments a new Nexam patent application:

Nov 26 2017

#Nexam Chemical AB

A new Nexam update has been published (compilation):

Nov 11 2017

#Nexam Chemical AB

An interesting patent application finding. Nexamid was used as the specific search term and the result was a Samsung Electronics patent application:

2016 11 07 Publication date – Patent application

JP2016125054 Adhesive composition

Applicant: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

“Examples of commercially available products, model number NEXAMID 100, model number NEXAMID 200, model number NEXAMID 500 (manufactured by NEXAM Chem Co.); model number PEPA (manufactured by Manac Inc.) or the like may be used.”

 Source link click here

CESI had entered Josab AB and Intuitive aerial AB

After years of curiosity, CESI has finally become a share holder of Josab AB (interesting insider purchases) and Intuitive aerial AB (simply too low marcet cap and too high quality products despite disapointing sales and incoming share right issue). Wish me luck. Potentially needed 🙂

Update 20171106: CESI has sold Josab AB and Intuitive aerial due to the fact that Nexam shares simply became too cheap. Thus, CESI has increased the Nexam Chemical holding. CESI is planning to re-enter bith companies when the timing is optimal.

Aug 28 2017

Nexam Chemical stated as one of multiple commercial sources in Polyone patent application

Polyone, – Another potential current- or near future customer. The more the merrier…

Source link and comments in another light weight blog post linked below:

Aug 25 2017

A new light weight Nexam blog post was published:

Aug 23 2017

Blog soon to be updated.

I have simply been too busy for a while and in addition a slight lack of demotivation followed too high work load. To my delight, Anoto AB has started to deliver in terms of share price upraisal. Now I am also eagerly awaiting  first large scale PE pipe order and subsequent press release from my old favorite company Nexam Chemical.

New comments in Swedish was posted here tonight:

April 19

Smart bandage uses nanosensors to track how a wound is healing

Source link – Digital trends:

April 19

Facebook Finally Released Details on Their Top Secret Brain-Computer Interface

Source link – Futurism

April 2, 2017

The Anoto share holder CESI regain hopes for a continued Anoto-HP collaboration.Issue date of US patent Mars 28 2017, issue fee verified Feb 13, 2017 according to the result of searching patent number 9,609,169 at

Soft info was found here:

Feb 27, 2017

From unboiling an egg to cutting edge graphene applications

First Graphite Ltd will use the dynamic Vortex Fluidic Device (VFD) to produce high-quality graphene for industrial use…see:

January 16

Eagerly awaits HP and ADNA news updates from Anoto AB. Hopefully,  endurance is a good thing.

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