stora a

Miris Holding AB: CESI very much appreciated the presentation by Ulf Boberg. A turnaround case around the corner? Time will tell!

Nanologica AB: Difficult to grasp risk/reward. CESI believes the parallel strategies approach is necessary and relevant: High quality silica business aimed for non-preparative (i. d. analytic) chromatography in parallel to development of a high risk drug delivery platform. On the upside: One single drug delivery success equals “the sky is the limit”…

Nilsson special vehicles AB: An easily digested business. The representatives delivered a solid teaser and seem eager to deliver!

Karessa AB: A solid presentation and an interesting algea approach…

AHA World AB: An embraced presentation with the theme “AHA World AB, black-belt in customer relations”. Interestingly, the share price surged (+ 28% intra day).

Raybased AB: Today´s most interesting company. CESI is convinced the company and “the internet of things” will attract a lot of interest from customers as well as investors. CESI seriously considers to become a share holder.

“Raybased implements IoT in commercial real estate by developing and selling an open wireless system for advanced building automation. The system makes it possible to monitor, control and optimize all electrical functions in a building, such as heating, ventilation, lighting and secure systems. The system’s potential is far greater than that, and only the human imagination is the limit.”

CESI was especially impressed by the Q&A

(t=2o min, video link below in Swedish)

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