Raybased AB, the prologue…

Posted: 12 December, 2015 in Published Investment Calls

The current Raybased AB strategy appears exceptionally intelligent. In a worst case scenario, if the first project would fail to deliver, a high cost should not follow and there should be a large number of customers out there that desire real estate advanzed building automation as the Raybased system makes it possible to monitor, control and optimize all electrical functions in a building, such as heating, ventilation, lighting and secure systems. CESI, currently studying all aspects of the IoT industry, also appreciated the following article and quote by Mary Shacklett:

“One key to IoT success is being able to start small,” said Morton. “In other words, identify the simplest problem that you have that can be addressed with IoT — and avoid going for a ‘big bang’ effect all at once.”

Organizations can gain additional business value out of their IoT project choices if they select small projects that are capable of being scaled upward into larger projects when the organization is ready to move forward.

Finally, companies should choose their IoT vendors carefully. “If your goal is monitoring your buildings and facilities, learn about the different devices and their technical capabilities first,” said Morton. “If you’re considering linking them into an IoT network, research what their ability is to expose data, and what their security characteristics are, too — as well as their ability to pass data.”


Again, CESI is not at all surprised that the Raybased IPO was oversubscribed with a stunning 2200%. CESI did subsribe to the IPO. However, no stocks are not yet visible on the actual CESI ISK account…

Monday, Dec 14, will be an important day..

Preliminary, Raybased AB will be traded at Aktietorget from Jan 8, 2016.

Friday, Jan 8, logically should be a “Rayday” 🙂


Raybased AB, further reading here

Around the clock insights in the “internet of things” industry is aldso available at CESI´s automated IoT News blog (recently launched):


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