Anoto AB – Another new HP patent application has been published

Posted: 22 January, 2016 in Anoto, Published Investment Calls
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Yesterday, CESI was delighted to encounter yet another HP patent. You could argue that one patent would be sufficient to prove that HP bets on the Anoto AB technology. Today, it seems like HP has produced two

First patent:

Now, yet another patent application has been announced:

hp1 intro

Interestingly, the inventors behind the second patent are the same as in the first patent where Anoto AB was excplicitly stated. Obviously, CESI believes that the new pen generation under the collaboration (most likely containing Anoto technology) simply will be entitled “HP pen X and Y”

First HP patent (source link above):


New HP patent (announced yesterday):






HP dot

The above picture convinced CESI that this patent is totally dedicated towards the Anoto AB technology.


Conclusion: CESI expects an Anoto AB update very very soon.


Best regards, CESI

The author, Cutting Edge Science Invest, is a long term Anoto share holder. Cutting Edge Science Invest can not guarantee, or take into accountability, the content of truth and accuracy of the information in this article/post.Thus, Cutting Edge Science Invest requires that a possible reader gather complimentary information if any type of investment in the company described above is considered. Cutting Edge Science Invest provides personally biased information and at best also “general information and opinions”. The article/post does not contain professional investment advice. Discaimer to boss: This blog post was produced during today´s coffe break




  1. mavve says:

    Great job CESI! I do appreciate your contribution to the Placera forum as well! Just keep up the good job!

  2. Thanks Mavve! Have a nice weekend!
    Cheers, CESI

  3. rewiex_ says:

    Good job. If you had to choose, what would it be?

    Anoto, or Nexam. 😉

    I’m fully invested in Nexam since 2014, just took a small position in Anoto aswell. Insignificant amount in Anoto, so basically just for fun.

    • I like to ask one single question: If being capable, would I consider to buy all shares? Doing so, one (me) gets more conservative than expected. However, the answer is yes for both of these companies (and a few more – NOT many…). Anoto and Nexam are my two top prioritized companies (without competition). Unfortunatelly, I cannot rank these two. Have a good weekend and thanks for the feedback!

  4. rewiex_ says:

    Hello again,

    What is your price target before exit? I understand that you’re long in Anoto.

    Predictions 1-3 years?

    • Obviously, nobody can seriously predict the future Anoto AB share price. In my opinion, my prediction is an average net ~1 SEK per year (from today´s level this prediction exludes additional value from a potential announcements of new OEMs and the realization of Anoto dot-pattern as a new interactive display standard). My timeline target is roughly 8 years (with minimum 8 SEK as monetary target). In between these lines you can read that my hopes are higher because I excpect more OEMs to be announced. Today, I just encountered another literature finding which I am currently investigating. In my opinion, global stock market health is likely the highest risk factor (I am confident Anoto AB will be successful in terms of 2016 full year sales and the securement of a larger market share within focus areas). Please do not trust my opinion. Do your own home work carefully! Best regards, CESI

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