Anoto AB and INKWRX! INK-What???

Posted: 24 January, 2016 in Anoto, Published Investment Calls
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INKWRX™ is the product name and trading name for Destiny Wireless Limited. Founded in 2002, Destiny became a subsidiary of Anoto Group AB in August 2011. The INKWRX™ management team has more than thirty years of experience in mobile communications, telematics and data capture technologies, with an in-depth understanding of how new technology can be deployed for greater business efficiency.

Our commitment to quality throughout our processes is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification which has been held since 2006. We are also IGSOC (Information Governance Statement of Compliance) accredited which means we have met all the NHS network security criteria so we can send data via the secure N3 connection into the NHS.

Destiny Wireless launch major rebrand with new company name

Destiny Wireless, which has been at the forefront of mobile data capture for over twelve years, has recently completed a comprehensive brand review and today launches its new brand identity and website to support its growth as a market leader in digital data capture solutions.

The new brand name for the company is INKWRX™. The INKWRX™ platform, an innovative cloud based data capture platform, allows you to design, manage and publish your own business e- forms which can then be completed using a tablet device or digital pen.

The new website has been designed to communicate with current and prospective clients and to drive sales with channel partners and re-sellers.  The look of the new website has been created through a collaborative approach between the company, their partners and their design agency – Russ James Design. “We wanted the new INKWRX™ website to look refreshed and colourful with a new visual identity which focuses on the product and what it does for organisations” commented Russ James.

The new INKWRX™ platform helps businesses to “Go Paperless or Paper-lite”. Businesses can capture the data they need out in the field  with a tablet device or digital pen and transmit it to head office in real-time, typically cutting down the average processing time from 10 days to under 10 minutes.

Commenting Edward Belgeonne of INKWRX™ said; “we feel that with the launch of our new INKWRX™ platform, coupled with the development of our own INKWRX™ tablet app, now is the right time to re-brand and expand our business via channel partners. The digital data capture market is evolving and we need to evolve with it in order to meet the demands of our customers.”


Now, it appears that the marketing of the Destiny / INKWRX / Anoto business is gearing up…

January 15, 2016 (The Anoto pen and the dot pattern form highlighted at t=53 s):

January 15, 2016 (The Anoto pen and the dot pattern form is highlighted at t= 54 s)

January 15, 2016 (The Anoto pen and the dot pattern form is highlighted at t= 51 s)

January 15, 2016 (The Anoto pen and the dot pattern form is highlighted at t= 50 s)

January 11, 2016 More about Destiny Wireless 

Feedback quote:

“Our engineers love the evolution from the digital pen to the tablet; they have requested this for some time and all feel they have got something which has been implemented to assist them in their job. The most important element for us when using the tablet devices is saving time both in the office and in the field.”

Mel Brown, Managing Director at Executive Installations

Read the full executive installation here:

Interestingly, in the bottom of the homepage a number of well known companies logos are depicted (e. g. ABB)

Within the healthcare business segment, Inkwrx has also published an interview with Derbyshire Healthcare (2015):

Potentially, this is the most interesting video in terms of gaining insights in the (destiny / Anoto) digital pen impact and importance (2015):

Obviously, despite the “destiny tag on the pen”, this pen is also based on Anoto technology…

In conclusion, Anoto AB have positioned themselves within a number of pen and screen market segments. The most interesting is potentially Wall based solutions. Recently, the Head of Design at We-Inspire, Jacob Leitner, posted something that could be defined as a teaser for “what´s about to come”. However, this market segment will not be included in this blog post. Stay tuned…


(The picture is a hyperlink to the youtube source – Anoto, the power to capture it all)

We-inspire homepage:

Best regards, CESI

The author, Cutting Edge Science Invest, is a long term Anoto share holder. Cutting Edge Science Invest can not guarantee, or take into accountability, the content of truth and accuracy of the information in this article/post. Thus, Cutting Edge Science Invest requires that a possible reader gather complimentary information if any type of investment in the company described above is considered. Cutting Edge Science Invest provides personally biased information and at best also “general information and opinions”. The article/post does not contain professional investment advice. 



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