Nexamite quoted in new Xamax patent application, – Renewed CESI interest in Nexam Chemical after CEO Anders Spetz surprisingly positive Q2 audiocast

Posted: 25 August, 2017 in Nexam, Published Investment Calls
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I was exceptionally impressed by Anders Spetz positive presentation of the Nexam Chemical Q2 interim report (Swedish language in audiocast presentation below)

A completely new generation of polyethylene pipes in collaboration with one of the world´s largest company (large steps taken during the summer). A large number of customers has now entered qualification processes.

Within polyester foam (PET foam), completely new products have been developed jointly with the largest companies.

Within high performance, the development is also positive. Ongoing collaboration projects within aviation and internal product development have resulted in new products.

In the Q2 report, the CEO Anders Spetz stated that Armacell will in fact use Nexamite in its PET foam! Mr Market has still not reacted. I did.

According to the CEO, the company have managed to achieve the commercialization phase milestone and the company is now preparing for large volume orders (REACH certification and planning for masterbatch scale up). Funding was also recently granted for graphene research (a promising and hyped wonder material of a number of reasons according to industry consensus).

About graphene:

In addition, I regained motivation to actively follow events with direct- or indirect connection to the Nexam chemical business and emerging innovation, primarily via the patent domain. This resulted in the following minor hit:
Obviously, the following new patent application commenting Nexamite and the subsequent google search identifying the main applicant Martin Weinberg is of no direct impact for my opinion about Nexam Chemical´s chance to accelerate business. Still, and in waiting mode for the large customer´s ongoing tests, I define the following information as a nice receipt of the Nexam Chemical technology. Martin Weinberg, CEO of Xamax, seems to appreciate Nexamite. Presumably, Xamax is a small existing customer or alternatively a near future small customer.

Company and staff:

The following patent application was published July 20, 2017 (and Martin is one of two applicants).

[0038] Non-limiting examples of cross-linkers that can be used to form the present cross-linked aliphatic polyamide are commercially available from Nexam Chemical Holding AB, Scheelevagen 19, 223 63 LUND, Sweden. Nexam Chemical currently markets five different cross-linkers for different curing temperatures: NEXIMID® 100 (PEP A; e.g., Phenylethynyl phtalic anhydride), NEXIMID® 200 (EPA; e.g., ethynyl phtalic anhydride), NEXIMID ®300 (PETA; e.g., 5-(3-phenylpropioloyl)isobenzofuran-l ,3-dione), NEXIMID® 400 (EBPA; e.g., 5,5′-(ethyne-l,2-diyl)bis(isobenzofuran-l,3-dione), NEXIMID®500 (MEPA; e.g., 4-methylethynyl phthalic anhydride), and NEXAMITE® PBO (e.g., 1,3-phenylene-bis-oxazoline). NEXIMID® 300 (PETA) and NEXIMID®500 (MEPA) are particularly useful cross-linkers for aliphatic polyamides due to their lower reaction temperatures. NEXAMITE® PBO, which can act as an acid scavenger, can also be used to further stabilize aliphatic polyamide against acid attacks.

Patent application source link

Best regards, C.E.S.I.

The author, Cutting Edge Science Invest, is a positively biased Nexam Chemical share holder. Cutting Edge Science Invest can not guarantee, or take into accountability, the content of truth and accuracy of the information in this article/post.Thus, Cutting Edge Science Invest requires that a possible reader gather complimentary information if any type of investment in the company described above is considered. Cutting Edge Science Invest provides personally biased information and at best also “general information and opinions”. The article/post does not contain professional investment advice. 

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