An interesting new Arkema patent application containing Nexamite.

Posted: 26 August, 2017 in Nexam, Published Investment Calls
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Findings like these makes CESI believe that the positive statements from the CEO Anders Spetz is based on fundamental progress and near future acceleration of turnaround and subsequent revenue. The Q2 report burnrate of approximately 5 MSEK (of total cash ~138 M SEK) was positively explained with “cost associated with stockpiling”.

WO 2017098179 A1
Publication date: June 15, 2017
Reactive compositions made from semi-crystalline amino polyamide prepolymer and unsaturated extender for thermoplastic composite materials

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Composite materials and, more particularly, composite materials comprising a polymeric matrix impregnated reinforcing fibers are increasingly used in many technical fields, especially in aeronautical applications, aerospace, wind, automobile , rail, marine. These applications mainly require composites with high mechanical performance, especially at high operating temperatures and with structural lightweight parts by weight relative to the metal and recyclable equivalent parts.

“To improve the impregnation of reinforcing fibers in the case of a thermoplastic composite material, reactive compositions precursors of the composite material based on a reactive prepolymer and a coreactive chain extender them have been proposed.
Preparation of polyamide polymer by chain extension with an extender a2)
Of the oligomer 1 above dried and ground is mixed in the solid state with 4- anhydride (methyl ethynyl) phthalic (APME, Mn = 186.2 g / mol) sold under the name ® A32 Nexamite by the company Nexam Chemical anhydride or trimellitic phenyl ethynyl (PETA, Mn = 276.3 g / mol) sold under the name Nexamite A56 ® by the company Nexam Chemical at different molar ratios a2) / NH2. The amounts are calculated so that the mixing weight is equal to 12 g.”

About Arkema:

+19000 employees and total sales roughly in the range of € 7 billion (!)


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