3D and 4D printing (notes)

December 1, 2015 (23:59)

Regarding today´s price action in Graphene 3D lab inc!

CESI has been following Graphene 3D for approximately 1 years time. CESIs opinion was, and potentially still is, that “graphene hype” is the word that best describe the company. However, the company is now signalling true value. Now, CESI is considering to add Graphene 3D to the high risk portfolio of one sheer reason: Graphene as such is an outstanding material which equals fantastic business opportunities.

Potentially, the buy trigger might appear already tomorrow:

Warning 1: +109 % intraday December 1, Obviously, the risk is very high for an instant and brutal pull-back (-30 % ?). Timing will be key!

CESI´s primary target = ~1.25 CAD, due to the previously announced warrant program. Today´s share price: 0.390 CAD. Remaining near future potential upside estimate: + 200 %.

Warning 2: The price action might be over and a slow and steady share price decline is here to stay (check stock history…)

Company and stock info (Marketwatch):


What triggered the share price surge December 1?

“December 1, 2015 — New York, NY — Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (TSX-V: GGG, OTCQB: GPHBF) (“Graphene 3D”) and Graphene Laboratories Inc. are pleased to announce they have signed a research, development and royalty agreement (“Agreement”) with a Fortune 500 listed manufacturer. Initially, the Agreement encompasses the development of multi-phased deliverables over the course of the next 12 months. For competitive reasons and pursuant to confidentially clauses contained with the Agreement, neither specific research objectives nor the identity of the Agreement partner can be publically disclosed. Upon successful completion of the research phase, and subject to approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the developed materials will become a part of a consumer retail product. 

The Agreement calls for all research and development costs and royalty obligations to be paid by the partner, as well as a first-right-of-refusal for supply of any graphene related materials in future manufacturing pertaining to Intellectual Property (IP) developed under the agreement. All IP developed under the scope of the Agreement will be jointly held by both parties. The partner has consecutively been included in the Fortune 500 list for over 15 years.”

Graphene 3D Lab Announces R&D-Royalty Agreement with a Fortune 500 Manufacturer

All Graphene 2015 press releases…


Today´s chat at http://www.stockhouse.com 🙂


About Graphene 3D:

“Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of technologies which improve the capabilities of 3D printing. The company’s go-to-market product, Conductive Graphene Filament, brings users the ability to 3D print circuitry and sensors for electronic applications. Future plans include the development of a multi-tool 3D printer which can be used to print with a wider range of materials than is possible in the current generation of 3D printers; this development may open the door for 3D printing functional and electronic devices in a no-hassle, one-button process. Graphene 3D Lab has also developed a 3D printed graphene battery prototype, which was demonstrated at the 2014 Inside 3D Printing conference. Products by Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. can be purchased online at the company’s retail outlet, Black Magic 3D (www.blackmagic3d.com). Graphene 3D Lab’s executive staff is regularly invited to present at leading conferences on both graphene and 3D Printing. Invited talks have been given at 3D Printing LIVE! Europe, Inside 3D Printing, and the International Materials Research Congress. The executive team’s internationally recognized leadership has also earned the attention of journalists from BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Physics World. Our scientific team has an extensive academic record which has resulted in many publications in highly prestigious journals such as Nano Letters, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, and ACS Nano; coauthors include Nobel and Kavli prize winners, as well as members of the National Academy of Sciences. Graphene 3D Lab was founded as a spinout of Graphene Laboratories, Inc., the worldwide leader in manufacturing and retailing graphene and advanced materials. The Graphene Supermarket, an e-commerce outlet owned by Graphene Laboratories, is an internationally recognized brand which maintains a client list comprised of more than 7000 customers worldwide; it includes many Fortune 500 tech companies and nearly every major research university. Some notable clients are: NASA, Ford Motor Co., Honda, GE, Apple, Xerox, Samsung, Bosch, LG, Harvard University, IBM, MIT, Caltech, Yale, Princeton and Stanford”

Reference link here

November 29, 2015 (00:45)

#Stratasys Ltd (NASDAQ)

If , and only if, the next Stratasys Ltd quartal report, against all odds, is superior to the Q3 report, CESI will be interested to become a Stratasys share holder. Why? Well, the share price has plunged for a long time now. A very long time. Likewise there are business opportunities. Very many…







Mars 3, 2015

Bentley Motors EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept Car Is the Future of Auto Manufacturing & 3D Printing  (3dprint.com Te Edwards)

February 8, 2015

Never heard about 4D printing technology? by Skylar Tibbits, MIT (TED talk)

December 25, 2014,

Barilla Announces Their 3D Printed Pasta Contest Winners


December 15, 2014

MoMA adds 4d printed dress to its permanent collection


December 14, 2014

ChoroGenesis to 3D Print an Entire Resort Using Their 6D Digital Fabrication Platform


December 10, 2014



December 3, 2014

3D printing market set to increase 10-fold by 2025


November 30, 2014

Hard competition may leave only two 3d printing giants standing


 November 20, 2014

 3D Printed Jewelry – Jenny Wu


November 16, 2014

Near future 4D printing technology initiatives in Sweden? MIT + IKEA = True ? (a wild CESI speculation)


In the last sentence of the last paragraph  we find: “MIT is already talking with an unnamed furniture company (that may or may not be based in Sweden) about making it a reality.” CESI: IKEA? Why? Well, the products are generally very simple and the number of every single produced unit is extremely large. Finally, the pure name “The MIT Self-Assembly Lab” (under the direction of Skylar Tibbits) feels like a perfect IKEA match 🙂

November 16, 2014

Connecticut scientists replicate antique musical instruments using 3D printing


November 16, 2014

Industry research firm, Gartner, Inc., is celebrating the 20th birthday of their beloved Hype Cycle with their latest report, “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2014″. In documenting over 2,000 technologies in 119 different fields and determining at what point the hype behind each tech will fade into true innovation, the analysts at Gartner have determined consumer 3D printing to be more than five years away from full adoption.

CESI believes that the development of a mainstream adaption of 3D printing will be established slightly sooner than the prognosis below. However, this is an interesting read:


November 16, 2014

The Local Motors second 3D printed car – Now even faster!

October 29, 2014

HP looks to 3D printing market to boost performance


3D Printing Stocks Investors: What You Need to Know About 4D Printing — and How Stratasys Is Involved


September 23, 2014,

The world´s first 3D printed car


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