C.E.S.I. Personal Milestones

Sept 1, 2014

The author signed up as a blogger at http://www.redeye.se (alias “Better Call Saul”) and published the debut article http://www.redeye.se/aktiebloggen/Medivir/medivir-extrem-uppsida-obefintlig-redan-inprisad-nedsida. To the authors surprise, this action triggered an array of events…

Sept 1, 2014

C.E.S.I´s Redeye.se alias Better Call Saul received excellent feedback from MrShimmer, who appeared to be a “Medivir God father blogger”


Sept 7, 2014  

Thrilled by this initial excellent feedback, C.E.S.I. decided to found a WordPress Blog. Very soon, C.E.S.I. came to the conclusion that the blog´s original name, ww.cuttingedgescienceinvest.wordpress.com, felt way too tedious to depict in a web browser. An upgrade to WordPress Premium, which included a dot.com domain, was considered the best solution to this issue and http://www.CuttingEdgeScienceInvest.com was now founded.

Sept 21, 2014

Now, http://www.cuttingedgescienceinvest.com had attracted visitors from + 40 Countries.

Sept 22, 2014

C.E.S.I. published on the american blog Seeking alfa


Sept 22, 2014

DN Ekonomi registered as a C.E.S.I. Twitter follower.

DN economy


Sept 24, 2014

The C.E.S.I. Seeking alfa article was added to the Bloomberg terminal news-list 🙂

Bloomberg capture

September 26, 2014

Due to C.E.S.I.s´very buzzy work- and family life agenda. The homepage construction had been pursued night time since it´s launch. Therefore, the author in the current zombie / walking dead state, still very much appreciated the continued flow of great feedback.



Sept 28, 2014

Nordic Investor highlights the C.E.S.I. Nexam Chemical article. C.E.S.I. is a serious fan of Nordic Investor and therefore proud.

Nordic Investor

Sept 29, 2014

One of C.E.S.I.s´ top rated companies (Nexam chemical) register as a CEScienceInvest twitter follower.

-Yes, C.E.S.I. would accept a dinner discussion with representatives from the neighboring companies below…

Nexam neighbourgs

 October 9, 2014

C.E.S.I welcomed new followers and appreciated old non-drop outs 🙂

DN ekonomi PetlonPolymers

Nano follows CESI chalmersNanographeneCESI

 December 4, 2014

The News agency http://www.direkt.se starts following CESI on Twitter.

Nyhetsbyrån direkt

July 9, 2015

EFN Börslunch starts following CESI on twitter


July 25, 2015

Recently, CESI stumbled across the new tech news site http://www.breakit.se. CESI was impressed in respect to content and quality. Therefore, the author was proud to find out that breakit has signed up as a CESI follower:

Break it

November 15, 2015

CESI launches a new semi-automated news tweets blog to gain insights into the industry of Axonkids AB.


November 29, 2015

A very proud @CEScienceInvest was highlighted by the high quality Swedish News agency FinWire (a “follow profile recommendation”). CESI was already a follower of the excellent profile @PhuurXVI and therefore very proud that we were jointly highlighted. Thank you, FinWire!



January 1, 2015

CESI retrived an annual wordpress report and realizes that visitors from 123 countries has found the homepage.

Annual report 2 2015


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