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December 12


An interesting new patent application from Panasonic, including non symmetrical pen and dot pattern.

Click here for pictures source link

Click here for description link

November 9


An interesting link shared by Anoto follower Rievers, subsequently translated by CESI

via google translate without enhancement of translational quality:

“Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is, to the form data creation system using a digital pen, it has announced it will release was added to Microsoft’s spreadsheet software “Excel (Excel)” support functions “DNP digital pen form tool for Microsoft EXCEL” .

This system is, those characters that you handwriting with a digital pen to the form that was created in Excel is automatically data reduction. This time, that corresponds to the EXCEL, and the application form input, questionnaire, can be realized operational efficiencies such as roster creation, of the paper from the design creation of a form on the EXCEL print, allow the operation of up to fill in data capture become 

The system, digital pen, software installation license certificate, contains a dot pattern license file that you want to use to the form or the like for entry, the price is open.

DNP is, finance and distribution, to sell this product toward such as service industry, aiming for sales of 1.0 billion yen in fiscal 2018.”

If the succeeed, CECI, a long term Anoto share holder, will be satisified.

November 9

New dot pattern patent application by Yoshida (#Anoto?)

Already in 2015, Yoshida was the inventor of:


Source link

Now, another patent application has been published (based on an older application):

Yoshida new.JPG

Source link

CESI concludes that following the digital writing and dot pattern technology evolution is very exciting. What will the future bring?

November 3


UN FAO Digital Pen Animal Disease Surveillance

October 24

New patent application from HP refering to hologram for alignement. An interesting read.

“When the hologram device is viewed from a target position, such as from directly above the hologram device 700 (as shown in FIG. 7(), a target dot in the matrix of dots may appear differently from the other dots. In some examples, the target dot may appear brighter, darker or a different color, for example. The change in appearance may facilitate identification of the target position.”

Source link

October 23


Seaweed-Eating Cows – The Key to Saving the Environment? 

An interesting read here

October 22

‘Smart’ home devices used as weapons in website attack

An interesting BBC technology article here

October 20

October 19

Fortune: Dubai’s Largest Bank Is Piloting a Blockchain Project

“Dubai’s largest bank, Emirates NBD, is working with India’s ICICI on a pilot project to use blockchain technology for global remittances and trade finance, in what they say is a first for banks from the Middle East and India.”

Source link

October 17

New interesting HP patent application (mobile security) 

 “Various embodiments will be described below by referring to several examples of securing a mobile device based on analyzing patterns of the mobile device. For example a user’s to store coal usage and movement patterns may be detected and analyze to create a pattern profile for the user. As long as the movement and use of the mobile device match the pattern profile, the device may remain unlocked and/or the device may utilize only the basic lock screen. When the movement and use of the mobile device do not match the pattern profile, however, the mobile device may activate the lock screen if it is not already in use, may implement a second, higher security access control, or may perform another action such as notifying a user or administrator that the security of the mobile device may be compromised.

October 11

#Anoto – Transmission of dental data on micro dot paper

Source link

October 11

#Anoto – In patent domain

Patent application, September 21, Google translate was used below

Applicant: Corning Incorporated,

About Corning: Source link

Patent application Source link

In some embodiments, the code pattern may be a plurality of points.Passive tags digital pattern plate has a code that can be used to record and written in the passive transmission of digital information board to mark another device such as a computer or mobile device transmitter / receiver device associated with. This transmitter / receiver device includes an example smart pen Livescribe digital pen and Anoto Live.

October 6

A drug to treat the disease of aging?

September 21

Digiwork in Korean News (#Anoto AB)


September 8

An interesting quick-read: Virtual Reality With Feeling

MIT Technology review:  By sensing subtle changes in people’s faces, a British startup hopes to inject a little more emotion into the virtual world. Jamie Condliff September 8, 2016

Read more.. Technology Review Source Link

September 8

Another interesting new HP patent application.

Obviously, CESI has Anoto in mind. This time the company is specifically not mentioned by HP. However, as also exemplifed in the great number of recent patent applications, the “digital pen” or “stylus” seems to be a key hardware for next generation design, education (Asia) and note taking”

Source link here

August 28

A new patent application from the Anoto partner Dai Nippon has been published.

Source link

CESI is somewhat uncertain but interpretes the claims as being focused on “lean type” production methodology of the Anoto pattern. What is your conclusion?

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August 17

A new interesting HP patent application containing “positional encoding patterns”. Not specifically mentioned, but CESI has Anoto AB in mind…


Publication Date: 04.08.2016

Source link (drawings)

Source link (description)

[0011] A position-encoded film on a display of a computing device (e.g., a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a tablet computer, etc.) may be used by an input device (e.g., a digital pen) to determine its location relative to a display. The position-encoded film includes a positional encoded pattern of positioning points (e.g., identifiable or detectable dots, marks, etc.). The positioning points may not be detectable to the human eye such that they do not affect viewing of the display. For example, the positioning points may be comprised of infrared (!R) ink or near IR ink that may be detected by an IR sensor or camera capable of detecting IR light. An input device may continuously or repeatedly emit IR light and capture images of the position encoded film (and reflected !R light) and analyze the images to determine the location of the input device relative to the position-encoded film based on the captured images and a geometric location of the input device 1 10 (using any suitable techniques).

August 17

HP, the lord of the ring? Will the company replace the classic mouse with a ring?

“Wearable devices become more and more popular nowadays. A smart ring, for example, as a kind of the wearable device, has been developed to detect heartbeats and measure a temperature of a body, for example. The smart ring can be worn on fingers to realize these functions. During operation of a computer, for example, a mouse is commonly used to control movement direction of a cursor or pointer on the screen of the computer; and a wheel of the mouse may be used to advance the playing speed of a player and move a page up and down on the screen or zoom in or out a picture on the screen. When a right button of the mouse is clicked, a menu is popped up showing options for a user to select. Now, it seems that the mouse becomes indispensable for users to operate the computer for example. The mouse however consumes more power than the smart ring does and has a bigger size than the smart ring so that it is not convenient to take the mouse around. Therefore, it is desirable to find a smaller and more portable object to replace the mouse.”

Source link

Fed policymakers divided over whether to raise rates soon

Source link (

August 4

A new patent application including Anoto from Ventana Medical systems inc.

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. is a global leader in tissue diagnostics. The company has 1500 employees and develops, manufactures, and markets instrument reagent systems that automate tissue and slide staining in anatomic pathology laboratories. These products assist in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Part of the Roche Diagnostics Division, Ventana is a member of the Roche Group. (wikipedia source link)


Applicants: VENTANA MEDICAL SYSTEMS, INC. [US/US]; 1910 Innovation Park Dr. Tucson, Arizona 85755 (US)

Publication Date: 04.08.2016

Click here for Ventana patent application source link.

In one embodiment, the portable transporter system can include, wherein the unique identifier can include at least one of: an Anoto code printed onto a label of a container; a barcode on the cassette could be a vantage compatible preprinted code being inserted into the container; a barcode on the cassette identifiable by a barcode reader when the container arrives at accessioning stage, wherein the barcode reader is tied to patient-ID associated to a code of the container; or a unique label with Anoto pattern on the container, wherein the container is picked randomly, pen ties code electronically to patient-ID, and handwritten link and an identifier to be copied from a label of the container onto paper.

Example external vendors such as, e.g., but not limited to, PharmaForm can also offer digital tracking pens (e.g., ANOTO Pen) based on optical character recognition technology, according to an exemplary embodiment. Similar to the form-design and -printing, process, several options exist for extracting the data from the example ANOTO Pen, according to an exemplary embodiment. The customer may use software on a local personal computer (PC) or other computing device to extract data from the digital pen into a file which can then be emailed or uploaded to interested parties, according to an exemplary embodiment. Alternatively, pen data can be uploaded to a PharmaForms-provided cloud solution where the data can be verified by a PharmaForms representative and then can be made available for download by parties granted access to the site, according to an exemplary embodiment.

The pen may travel with the specimen sample containers and arrive at the operating room at the same time they do, according to an exemplary embodiment. When the samples leave the operating room and travel to the lab, the digital pen can go with the samples, according to an exemplary embodiment. Alternatively, the pen may travel with the individual who is responsible for collecting the samples, according to another exemplary embodiment. When the samples leave the lab, the written form can travel with the samples, but the pen can stay with its owner, according to an exemplary embodiment. The pen’s electronic data can be uploaded by the pen’s owner after the samples are enroute to the lab, according to an exemplary embodiment.

Figures 11A and 11B depict exemplary DIGITAL e-LRF PEN (various types possible, including with PharmaForms), as may be used in various embodiments of the claimed invention.

Figure 11A is an example ANOTO branded digital pen with exemplary functionality and components including, e.g., but not limited to, an example wireless transceiver (e.g., BLUETOOTH, etc.) 4902, an example batter 4904, an example memory 4908, an example processor 4910, example ink 4906, and an example camera 4912, according to an exemplary embodiment.

According to an exemplary embodiment, identifier use processing can include use of a unique identifier (Anoto code) printed onto the label of the container and being part of the capture of the eLRF, including, e.g., the barcode on the cassette could be, i.e., a Vantage compatible preprinted code, that is being inserted into the container; and/or when the container arrives at the accessioning stage, the cassette barcode can be identified by a barcode reader and tied to the patient-ID that was previously associated to the container (Anoto) code, according to an example embodiment.

According to an exemplary embodiment, processing can include use of the container (pot) also having a unique label with Anoto pattern (in little square box), including, e.g., the container can still be picked randomly, and the pen can tie that code electronically to the patient-ID., and can also need a handwritten link as well on paper (some ID that they have to copy from the pot’s label onto paper), according to one example embodiment.

152. The portable transporter system according to embodiment 151, wherein said unique identifier comprises at least one of:

• an Anoto code printed onto a label of a container;

• a barcode on the cassette could be a vantage compatible preprinted code being inserted into said container;

• a barcode on the cassette identifiable by a barcode reader when said container arrives at accessioning stage, wherein said barcode reader is tied to patient-ID associated to a code of said container; or

• a unique label with Anoto pattern on said container, wherein the container is picked randomly, pen ties code electronically to patient-ID, and handwritten link and an identifier to be copied from a label of said container onto paper.

August 4

A new patent application from Hewlett-Packard has been published. Anoto AB is included in description.


Publication Date: 04.08.2016 (International Filing Date: 30.01.2015)

Pub. No.: WO/2016/122605


Source link here

Pictures of the pen is available here

[0009] A detector, which may be part of a handheld device such as a digital stylus or digital pen, may be provided. A predetermined series of positionally-encoded elements usually in the form of dots, squares, or similar marks may be provided on a display device. One such series of elements is the unique, predetermined positionally-encoded pattern provided by Anoto Group AB (Lund, Sweden). Using the predetermined pattern, a detector can determine its location with respect to the pattern when placed proximate the pattern.

[0037] An example pattern capable of providing unique encoded absolute positional information between the visibly transparent polarizing elements 130 is the Anoto dot pattern described above. Disposing the polarizing elements 130 in an Anoto compliant pattern provides a unique location identification system using the detector 145 capable of detecting the changed polarization state 135 of the light passing through the polarizing elements 130. Although the Anoto dot pattern is used as an illustrative example, any comparable predetermined pattern capable of providing unique encoded absolute positional information between the visibly transparent elements 130 may be similarly employed to dispose or locate the elements 130 in, on, or about the carrier 125.

July 28

A new patent application from Hewlett-Packard has been published. Anoto AB is included in detailed description (paragraph 21, 27, 36 and 45).

HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, L.P. [US/US]; 11445 Compaq Center Drive West Houston, Texas 77070 (US)


Source link

“[0021] In one implementation, mat 200 includes a dot pattern. Such dot pattern may be capable of providing unique information, which will be described in greater detail below. In one implementation, an example pattern capable of providing unique encoded absolute positional information may be the Anoto dot pattern. In some implementations, such dot pattern may be visible to human eye (e.g., black dots on white surface or vice versa). In another implementations, the dot pattern may be invisible to the human eye (e.g., IR dots seen by infra-red camera). The dot pattern may be printed on a separate layer, and may be positioned between different layers of the mat.”

June 26

A new patent application from Hewlett-Packard claiming 3D visalization from a multi-touch screen: 

Source link here

June 26

A comprehensive new patent application for displaying content in a pen-based computing system from Livescribe has been published:

Source link here

Another new patent application from HP seems to claim “a new learning tool (resource) for handwritten annotation on printed media.

Source link here

June 19

Brexit means Ireland’s worst nightmare just came true (Marketwatch)

Source link here

June 19

Bull market ahead for soft commodities?

Northern Hemisphere Crop Losses Spring 2016:

Cherry 80%, Apricot 60%, Wheat 6% and More

Technical analysis

June 9

Anoto AB was highlighted by Apple Inc. in a patent application published today:

“In one embodiment, an electronic pen such as an Anoto™ Pen may be used to interact with the collaboration system. Anoto pens use special pads of paper and optical recognition to determine where the pen is on a piece of paper and stream coordinates (wirelessly or via a USB cable) using a proprietary format. Software on the computer receives the coordinates and translates the pen motion into text or graphics. Alternatively an IOGear pen such as the Mobile Digital Scribe™ may be used to electronically stream coordinates of the pen strokes (which are made on paper) to a computer. The Mobile Digital Scribe will store handwritten notes, drawings, etc., for later transfer to a computer for storage or rendering.”

Source link:

May 28

A new HP patent application has been published:

Publication Number: 20160147316 Publication Date: 26.05.2016
Sourcelink here

“In some examples, a stylus holder comprises a connector to attach to a port of a computing device and create an electrical connection to the computing device port, and a fastener to attach a stylus to the holder and provide at least one of a data and power connection to the stylus. The fastener includes a first inductive element formed in an internal cavity area of the fastener, the first inductive element to inductive couple to a second inductive element of the stylus, the second inductive element longer than the first inductive element.”

Picture link here

May 26

New patent application reffering to “Anoto dot pattern”

Gridmark inc.

 Publication date 26.05.2016

Pub. No.:WO/2016/079901


Source link here

“With regard to a conventional arcade game machine installed in a game center, or the like, or a conventional game machine used by connecting it to a TV monitor for home use, a card game device for playing cards by placing them on a stage of the game machine is known (refer to PTL 1).

And a game device is also proposed in which information concerning the game such as the number on a card that is placed by a player or the result of the game, or the like is displayed as an image on a stage by using a projector (refer to PTL 2).


However, in the game machine described in PTL 1, only one camera was provided in the cabinet of the game machine, and there was a problem that various types of information could not be read precisely such as the direction and coordinates of a card, a different code, and the like if the stage surface for placing cards had been enlarged due to restrictions on the resolution. Moreover, if the resolution is increased, not only a camera cost increase but also an ultra high speed CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a large capacity RAM (Read Only Memory) (storage medium) are required, thus involving a substantial cost increase. Furthermore, a system fit for the size of the stage surface needs to be developed each time.

And the game machine described in PTL 2 had a problem that it is difficult to be installed in a game center, or the like due to its large size because a pole is provided in the game machine cabinet equipped with the stage for placing cards, or the like and a display device such as the projector is installed on the pole.


Hence, the inventors of the present invention invented an information output device that enables information of a medium placed on a stage surface to be read reliably and efficiently, at the same time having high dramatic effect and high security and filed a patent application (refer to PTL 3).

Drawings “Here, a “dot pattern” denotes an information code that has been encoded by an arrangement algorithm of a plurality of dots.

With regard to the encoding algorithms for information code by means of a dot pattern, well-known algorithms such as Grid Onput (registered trademark) of Gridmark Limited and Anoto Pattern of Anoto can be used.
The encoding algorithm for a dot pattern itself is common to cases where it is read by visible light and cases where it is read by infrared rays, and therefore it is not specifically be limited.
Aside from above, a dot pattern may or may not be visually recognized, and even if it can be visually recognized, it will suffice if the pattern is recognized as a simple design, and any dot pattern whatsoever can be adopted.
Also, a dot pattern can encode a different information code, by defining coordinate values, depending on the position of reading such values.
Further details of dot patterns will be described later by referring to Fig. 10 and thereafter.”

Picture source link here

May 21

#HP patent application


Publication date : May 19, 2016

“[0001] Two-dimensional and three-dimensional scanning technology allows for the digital capture or acquisition of the shape, contours, and other features of a physical object For example, in a three-dimensional scanning application, various hardware and software may be used to capture an object such as a user’s hand to display the object on a device or monitor.”

Source link here

Pictures link here:

May 13

Anoto in new patent applications

Fuji Film Corporation 

Publication Date: 05.05.2016

“The information processor includes an input unit having an illuminating part and an image pickup part, and an input medium having an input surface on which inputting of information is carried out by the input unit which has position coordinates on the input surface coded by a dot pattern. The input unit irradiates light from the illuminating part onto input surface of the input medium. The irradiated light reflects off the dot contained in the dot pattern which is picked up by the image pickup part, and position information of the dot pattern is obtained. The input unit further has an input unit angular position measuring part that measures an angular position of the input unit when the light is irradiated. Based on corrected position information obtained by correction processing based on the angular position, input information, that is specified by the position coordinates is obtained.”

“The cholesteric liquid crystal ink liquid prepared above was dripped onto the surface of the under layer to dispose a dot pattern of the Anoto type known as a technique of information processing utilizing coding by dot patterns with an inject printer (DMP-2831, made by FUJIFILM Dimatix) on the under layer on the PET support fabricated as set forth above. This was dried for 30 seconds at 95° C. and then irradiated with 500 mJ/cm2 of UV radiation. A reflective pattern printed sheet having a pattern of cholesteric liquid crystal dots on the surface of an under layer was thus obtained.”

Source link here

Livescribe, publication date May 5:

“A system and method for identifying temporal positions in audio data and accessing the identified temporal positions are disclosed. “Audio bookmarks” are created by using various types of input, such as accessing a printed control with a smart pen, providing a voice command to the smart pen or providing a written command to the smart pen to identify temporal positions within the audio data. Alternatively, one or more rules are applied to audio data by a pen-based computing system to identify temporal positions in the audio data. The audio bookmarks are associated with one or more visual, auditory or tactile indicators showing the location of the audio bookmarks in the audio data. When an indicator is accessed, a portion of the audio data is played beginning from the temporal position associated with the accessed indicator. Additional data, such as written data, may also be associated with an indicator.”

“The smart pen 100 is designed to work in conjunction with the writing surface 50 so that the smart pen 100 can capture writing that is made on the writing surface 50. In one embodiment, the writing surface 50 comprises a sheet of paper (or any other suitable material that can be written upon) and is encoded with a pattern that can be read by the smart pen 100. An example of such a writing surface 50 is the so-called “dot-enabled paper” available from Anoto Group AB of Sweden (local subsidiary Anoto, Inc. of Waltham, Mass.), and described in U.S. Pat. No. 7,175,095, incorporated by reference herein. This dot-enabled paper has a pattern of dots encoded on the paper. A smart pen 100 designed to work with this dot enabled paper includes an imaging system and a processor that can determine the position of the smart pen’s writing tip with respect to the encoded dot pattern. This position of the smart pen 100 may be referred to using coordinates in a predefined “dot space,” and the coordinates can be either local (i.e., a location within a page of the writing surface 50) or absolute (i.e., a unique location across multiple pages of the writing surface 50).”

Source link here

May 3

A new Livescribe patent application has been published


Applicant: Livescribe inc.

Publication Date:28.04.2016

“A central device concurrently receives handwriting gestures from a plurality of smart pen devices. Each set of handwriting gestures includes a sequence of spatial positions of the corresponding smart pen device with respect to a writing surface. Representations of the handwriting gestures are displayed on a display screen, and the representations show relative timing between the different sets of handwriting gestures. In one embodiment, a portion of the received handwriting gestures is outputted for display.”

Source link (click here)

…and another (commercial) youtube video from the ramble index:


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