About C.E.S.I.

Herein, the author, a Senior Medicinal Organic Chemist, will share selected news, patent information, science and potential investment and speculation opportunities, often associated with high risk – the nature of emerging companies. The author´s portfolio is heavily biased towards technologies in the confirmed transition to global commercialization and major capitalization. The author has no formal education within finance. 


The author´s investment calls  should most often be defined as pure speculation calls, which equals various risks and volatile share prices. The author i. e. Cutting Edge Science Invest (C.E.S.I. or CESI) can not guarantee, or take into accountability, the content of truth and accuracy of the information in this home page. Thus, Cutting Edge Science Invest requires that followers/subscribers/visitors interested in an investment call highlighted herein, will gather complimentary information and also control the accuracy and degree of truth in the posts submitted in this domain (www.cuttingedgescienceinvest.com). Cutting Edge Science Invest provides potentially personally biased information. This home page does not contain professional investment advice.  Thus, if an investment in the company described herein is considered, the degree of truth in this domain must at all times be rigorously checked by the follower/subscriber/visitor. The author does not aim to actively influence post readers. Statements that could be defined as strong should simply be interpreted as a personal investment reminder from the author to the author. The author´s key driver in the C.E.S.I. project is to collect information, depict personal conclusions and to self-reflect upon these with the aim to, in the most efficient way, visualize the big picture, i. e. to minimize the net risk of the total personal portfolio. Likewise, and sofar, the author has constantly failed to minimize net risks due to a tendency of focusing too much on a too limited number of companies. This homepage was launched September 7, 2014.

Best regards, Cutting Edge Science Invest / C.E.S.I. / CESI / the author