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Yesterday, CESI was delighted to encounter yet another HP patent. You could argue that one patent would be sufficient to prove that HP bets on the Anoto AB technology. Today, it seems like HP has produced two

First patent:

Now, yet another patent application has been announced:

hp1 intro

Interestingly, the inventors behind the second patent are the same as in the first patent where Anoto AB was excplicitly stated. Obviously, CESI believes that the new pen generation under the collaboration (most likely containing Anoto technology) simply will be entitled “HP pen X and Y”

First HP patent (source link above):


New HP patent (announced yesterday):






HP dot

The above picture convinced CESI that this patent is totally dedicated towards the Anoto AB technology.


Conclusion: CESI expects an Anoto AB update very very soon.


Best regards, CESI

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