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Today, CESI stumbled across a very amusing and hopefully ironic comment by alias Nexbim on the Swedish stock market forum Placera. The comment is attached below (slightly edited and translated by CESI):

“It´s sad that the pipes are hollow. If pipes would be solid, think about the amount of plastics they would contain”

This quote triggered a google image search using the following phrase “polyethylene pipe IRPC”. But first, two notes of clarification:

  • HDPE is the abbreviation for high density polyethylene and known for its large strength-to-density ratio
  • IRPC has passed the development phase for PE pipes in the IRPC-Nexam collaboration (more info below)

The primary aim of the links attached below is to graphically highlight potential volumes associated with large PE pipes…

  • IRPC sends first shipment of Marine Pipe Grade for CP project

  • Borouge and IRPC are members of the PE100+ association. Note: The new Nexam CMO Lars Öhrn recently held a position as market application manager at Borouge.

  • In the Q1 2015 IRPC analyst meeting presentation, PE pipes are highlighted as a 2014 milestone.

See page 24 here:

Why is this interesting? “Nexam Chemical entered into a cooperation agreement with its polyethylene partner IRPC over the summer for development and commercialization of modified polyolefins. IRPC has informed us that they now have passed the development phase, with respect to a polyethylene quality for pipes, and will begin testing the quality for approval together with their end client in the autumn/winter. This will be an interesting and potentially large application area for our company” (Source: Nexam Chemical 2014 Q3 interim report page 4)

  • Maybe most interestingly, from a “polyethylene wikipedia” search, this image was the result:

Conclusion: Dear Nexbim, I totally agree. It is sad that pipes are hollow 🙂

Best regards, CESI

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